Welcome to Salvi’s… the home of traditional, authentic, Italian cuisine. This is a restaurant and food business named after my father and inspired by my mother’s kitchen back home in Naples. We’re a family run establishment and our passion for the produce of our home region of Campania in Italy is behind everything that we do.


All our ingredients are sourced directly from my own, personally selected suppliers back in Naples, Sorrento and beyond – they are the best. You won’t find these products on the menu anywhere else in Manchester.

We then use traditional preparation methods (making our pasta & much of our bread by hand every morning for instance) to get the very best from our ingredients.

A lot of the recipes come from my mother’s kitchen – she comes over regularly to check up on things! They’re traditional, Neapolitan dishes where the very best ingredients are allowed to shine within simple but beautiful recipes. Some of this may include things you’ve not heard of before, so please just ask if you have any questions.

All of this is served up with warm and welcoming service – for us, when you are in our restaurant, you are in our home, so please do relax, enjoy, and let us know what you think.
Buon Appetito!

We import our raw ingredients straight from Italy and hand make all our pasta fresh every day. Find out more…

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