Buffalo Mozzarella

Like Prosecco, Buffalo Mozzarella can only be named as such if it is produced in the marshy lands of the Campania region with the milk of the water buffalos that are reared there. This region is where we come from and we scoured the land to find the very best producer in the region – it’s their real, buffalo mozzarella cheese that you’ll find here at Salvi’s. Whether its smoked, regular or creamy buratta, it’s the finest there is and its imported fresh each week!

This creamy, delicious cheese is one of our region’s most famous exports and its stunning taste and texture means it often gets called “the queen of the Mediterranean cuisine”, “white gold” or “the pearl of the table”.

The Buffalo Mozzarella served at Salvi’s has a D.O.P – Dominatzio Oringin Protect (Protected Country of Origin) which certifies it is from one of the few, authentic Bufallo Mozzarella producers in the world. Some products can only be called by their known name if they’re made in a specific region of the world and adhere to certain standards.



Our chefs make all the pasta by hand the traditional way each morning. This means that it’s super fresh and is Salvi’s own – just the way it’s done back in Naples.


Unlike anywhere else in Manchester, we hand select our suppliers from back in Campania where we’re from. Maurizio’s makes regular trips home to ensure he’s getting the very best of the best from the artisan growers and suppliers that he knows so well.

You wont find these products on the menu anywhere else in the Northwest, and its this attention to detail and provenance that makes the big Salvi’s difference. From sundrenched lemons to juicy olives, if its made best in Italy that’s where it will be from! 


Our deli at the Corn Exchange is where it all started for us here at Salvi’s. Maurizio found himself constantly bringing food from Italy over to England for friends and one day decided that he should do that for a living! Salvi’s Mozzarella Bar was born – a traditional deli and eatery.

Now it’s a treasure trove heaving with our favourite Italian produce and has a restaurant downstairs. You’ll find the finest range of Italian cheeses and charcuterie in Manchester, plus wine, pastries, pasta, sauces, fresh vegetables and desserts.

Visit after your meal and Roberto or a member of his team will help you select exactly what you need to bring the Salvi’s experience home with you.